There is more to Pincher Creek than Transmission Connected Wind Power!

2012 Members Retreat and AGM
August 3-4, 2012

Lebel Mansion
696 Kettles Street, Pincher Creek, Alberta
Hosted by the Pincher Creek & District Chamber of Commerce
Every year WADE Canada hosts an Annual General Meeting, and every year we try to make it unique and fun.

The AGM serves to update members on the past year of achievements, to review annual accounts and to elect our Board of Directors. Although voting is limited to members in good standing, we invite organisations who are not yet members to attend the session to learn more about WADE Canada and its current membership.

The outcomes of Friday August 3 will be:
  • Election of 2012 Board of Directors
  • 2012 Audit Requirements
  • 2011 Financial Report
  • 2012 Membership Fees
  • President's Report
Having gathered in Pincher Creek to network with regional businesses, we are taking the opportunity to continue our networking session on Saturday August 4.
Friday, 3rd August 2012  
12:00 Lunch
12:30 Presentations:
Distributed renewable generation, Powerfest & Waterton Summit
1:00 Annual General Meeting
2:00 DE Facilities Tour
5:30 Indian Tacos Tipi Dinner

Dress Code         Casual
Registration         Free

Saturday, 4th August 2012

Member hosted event
12–5pm         Piikani Nation 55th Annual Pow Wow, Crowlodge Park,
    Brocket, Alberta
                            -- FREE -- See details here

RSVP by Monday July 30, 2012
Ana Medina, Communications Coordinator
Other events and attractions:
  • Heritage Acres Annual Show - August 3rd - 5th See details here
  • Crowsnest Pass Doors Open & Heritage Festival - August 3rd - 5th See details here
  • Charlie Russell's presentation at Beauvais Lake - August 4th See details here

Heritage Inn Pincher Creek

Ramada Inn Pincher Creek


Pincher Creek Municipal Campground

Beauvais Lake Provincial Park

Waterton Lakes National Park

Photo credits: James Van Leeuwen, Town of Pincher Creek, Chris Perry, Allied Arts Council, Piikani Nation, Janet Barkwith, Heritage Inn, Canadian Rockies Tourism Authority.


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