Biogas CHP in Finland

Published May-June, 2012 (Magazine)

New 90 MW Kymijärvi 2 power station will break ground in its novel energy efficiency and environmental technology; a waste-to-energy CHP production unit using clean biogas as its fuel.

Based in Lathi, a compact southern city with 102,000 inhabitants in Finland, the plant’s raw material is rubbish collected within a 200 km radius from households, industry and construction sites and then processed by waste management companies to meet detailed standards. Then, processed waste is delivered to the plant’s fuel depot.
This Solid Recovered Fuel (SRF) consists of plastic, wood and paper that cannot be recycled but is sufficiently energy-rich to be gasified and burnt. The gas impurities are removed inside 12 cooling chambers containing 300 ceramic candle filters. After the purification process, the combustion of the pure biogas fuel proceeds as normal, with gas fed into the power station’s boiler to produce electricity and district heating power.

After its launch, Kymijärvi 2 will become the plant’s main power supplier -operating all year round- with Kymijärvi 1 used for backup in peak demand periods. The district heating customers are mainly apartment blocks and industry.

Not only is burning the most efficient way of utilizing this waste, the system also offers investment costs that are lower and better than mixed-waste and even biomass-burning boilers, as these lack a cooling-cleaning system.

But it is the environmental benefits that could be the most eye-catching: annual carbon dioxide emissions from Kymijärvi 1 and 2 operating together will total 230,000 tonnes, down from 410,000 tonnes with just Kymijärvi 1. [Full Story]
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