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WADE Canada values our industry's trailblazers. Get to know Cognifistech, July's Champion of Clean.

Q&A with Patrick Joly "DE technology development has great potential..."

Q.   Patrick, what is your mandate at Cognifistech and who do you serve?

A.  Our mandate is to assist Canadian companies to structure, prepare and claim R&D tax credits.  Our engineers and chartered accountants have in-depth knowledge of the program, its subtleties and recent evolution. Therefore, we can offer results-based fees when we partner with a company that is attempting to improve its products or processes on a technological basis. The R&D tax credit program is the biggest and most generous program across Canada to support R&D.

Q. How do you support SMEs with DE technologies?

A. As for all of our clients -large corporations, SMEs, or start-ups- our mission is to rapidly identify its R&D tax credit potential (past, present or future) and work together to optimize them whilst minimizing their time spent on this matter.  DE technology development has great potential for this generous Canadian program and we offer a free diagnostic to companies to determine if their technological and fiscal status can allow them to claim R&D tax credits, and to what extent.  We pride ourselves in delivering an honest, efficient and sympathetic service!

Q. How did you initially get passionate about clean energy and what excites you most about the next ten years for DE?

A. As a mechanical engineer specialized in thermodynamics, an entrepreneur and a father, my attachment to a cleaner, smarter and more durable future for all is very strong.  My heart and mind are available to the DE community so that technology, business and government funding work hand in hand for a brighter future in energy management.  The buzz is growing and all the hope surrounding our new visionaries is what excites me the most.

Q. What would you say are the strongest DE market opportunities for Canada?

A. Our land is one of the wealthiest in terms of wind, sun and soil, which must be further exploited by DE technologies to diminish our dependency on fossil fuels.

Q. What would you say are the main constraints for DE opportunities in Canada?

A. Unfortunately, currently our traditional energy (fuel, electricity) is still too cheap to make way for DE technology integration on a large scale.  However, I strongly believe that the economic gap between both will narrow with ongoing R&D in DE!

Q. How should and organization like WADE Canada support your business?

A. Simply by creating links between all actors revolving around DE, so that our efforts are not decentralized! I'm very excited that companies like WADE exist and am happy to be a member. I think that working on energy consumption really is one of the most promising ways to go to saving our planet.

And finally,

Q. Who do you deem a top DE trailblazer in Canada and why?

A. I am not a fan of name-dropping, but I serve two innovative engineering firms working hard to integrate the latest HVAC technologies in their commercial/institutional projects, such as advanced solar and geothermic systems integration.  Kudos to all of those companies trying to think outside standard engineering and assuming the technological and financial risks; these trailblazers are our best ambassadors to bring these technologies to our every day lives.


Engineer member of the O.I.Q., Joly graduated with a Bachelor's of Mechanical Engineering, a Master's of Thermodynamics from the Université de Sherbrooke and an International MBA at Collège des Ingénieurs (Paris, Stuttgart, and Montreal).

Joly started his career as an industrial mechanics' teacher at CIMIC of St-Georges-de-Beauce. His tangible manufacturing knowledge was also perfected at Kruger (Trois-Rivières) and at Les Industries Harnois (Joliette). Later, Joly acquired his SR&ED expertise first as a counselor, then as a technical manager for research and technologies at the R&D group of KPMG Canada, Montreal.

Co-founder and general manager of Cognifistech, Joly is using his know-how for customers in the following sectors: pulp and paper, printing, mechanical manufacturing and energy (applied geothermy and energy efficiency). His people skills and his great capacity to simplify and summarize technical concepts make him a very talented technical writer.

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