WADE Canada: 2012 Members Retreat and AGM

Every year WADE Canada hosts a unique Annual General Meeting.

We are pleased to announce the outcomes of our 10th AGM on 3rd August 2012 at the Lebel Mansion in Pincher Creek. We thank everyone that participated in this event.

A special thanks to James Van Leeuwen, President of the Pincher Creek & District Chamber of Commerce for his invaluable support and efforts inhelping us plan and organize this great event. As a token of our appreciation James was presented with a one-year membership to WADE Canada so he can continue to network with Decentralized Energy (DE) stakeholders and to develop business and DE project opportunities for Pincher Creek and the district.
"The Pincher Creek & District Chamber of Commerce was pleased to host WADE Canada
for its 2012 AGM, and to learn more about this important industry association.

Canada's wind energy industry was established almost two decades ago in our town and surrounding district, here in the heart of the Chinook belt in the southwest corner of Alberta.

The Chamber is actively working to build on this legacy, by promoting development of renewable distributed generation and related opportunities for local enterprises and entrepreneurs.

We support WADE Canada's interests, and look forward to exploring opportunities for further collaboration."
James Van Leeuwen, President (volunteer), Pincher Creek & District Chamber of Commerce

This year was our 10th Annual General Meeting and stakeholders from Ontario, British Columbia and Alberta came together to learn about the successes and challenges of 2011.

The event kicked off with a short presentation by Ras Takac of Lethbridge College on distributed renewable generation in southern Alberta and some of the education programs that are supporting the growth of this industry. We then heard breaking news from the Pincher Creek & District Chamber of Commerce. James Van Leeuwen presented opportunities for engagement at the planned PowerFest 2013. This event will be an annual celebration of people and progress in renewable energy developments integrating industry opportunities with community welfare. 500 attendees are expected to take part in the inaugural event with a vision of becoming Canada's premier annual celebration of ingenuity, innovation and initiative with renewable energy.

For more information on how you can become a part of PowerFest 2013 contact info@pincher-creek.com or (403) 627 5199.

The AGM segment of the Agenda presented a slate of nine board nominations plus one nomination from the floor. Members voted for all ten nominations and the 2012 Board of Directors represents a balanced mixture of technology suppliers, research and education, professional services and utilities. See the minutes to the AGM for more details. (IMPORTANT: Following a detailed MD&A the 2011 financials are being restated and Q1 2012 and Q2 2012 are forthcoming).

"The WADE Canada AGM held in Pincher Creek allowed for a direct experience in alternative energy solutions that should not be overlooked by Albertans.

It also brought to light the fact that some people and communities in Alberta, such as the Town of Pincher Creek, are fully committed to developing and investing in distribution-connected or off-grid renewable sources of energy such as wind, water, and solar generated systems.

I experienced the people's commitment to invest in the development of renewable energy generation. The tour to the hydroelectric plant, the wind turbines, and on-site generation systems on sustainable farms clearly showed that such developments in Alberta are well organized and deserving of full consideration and further investment."

We support WADE Canada's interests, and look forward to exploring opportunities for further collaboration."
Carlos Arce-Abrego, Advisor, Alberta Pride Regulatory Services Ltd

After the official business of the AGM there was a brief report on 2011successes and challenges. WADE Canada has a growing membership of 115 members (up from 35 in 2011) and a strengthening financial position. Our services to entrepreneurs, innovators, and project developers nearly doubled last year and our innovation to commercialization program has engaged in over 30 projects with a total capital value of more than $730 million. To find out how we can help you with you decentralized energy project contact Kevin Frankowski, kfrankowski@wadecanada.ca

As part of the meeting, there was open and productive discussion about how last year's substantial growth brought challenges in terms of governance and accounting practices. The challenges prompted increased support and leadership from the staff and our Board of Directors and we have become a stronger association as a result. The forthcoming Management Discussion & Analysis provides some narrative regarding the causes, management and continued efforts related to improving our governance and accounting practices. In 2012 we continue on a path of strong growth with exciting programs and projects underway.

"I attended the AGM meeting of WADE Canada for new knowledge and to be aware of industry changes and to also look at becoming a member of a strong industry voice. This was an informative meeting with industry partners.

We were very lucky to have a tour of the Oldman River dam that I am sure everybody enjoyed. I look forward to having a lasting relationship with WADE Canada."
Rick Dunsmore, President, Goose Creek Renewable Energy Inc.

Following the AGM we were fortunate to have the opportunity to have a guided tour of four unique energy generation systems. The balance between transmission-connected, distribution-connected and off-grid systems is important in understanding the future of our energy industry. The overarching technologies for energy measurement and management such as those adopted by a smarter electricity grid are equally important. Aspects of all these facets of our changing energy infrastructure were demonstrated in this tour. Sites and special matter experts were:

The solar trailer has 370 watts of PV charging a battery bank. The batteries supply a 2000 watt inverter allowing the trailer to be like a portable generator. The hot water system consists of 30 Evacuated Tubes, a circulating pump and 300 litre hot water tank with internal coils. This system would look after a family of 4, providing 95% of their hot water needs six months of the year and supplementing their hot water needs the rest of the year

After a full day of business and networking we were hosted by long time WADE Canada member, Harmony Walkers, for a very special Indian Taco Tipi Dinner on the Piikani Reserve in Brocket. Harmony Walkers President, Harley Bastien,sharedhis stories about sustainability and invited partnerships for DE projects with the Piikani Nation.

"Thanks for allowing me to attend the AGM. I attended the meeting as a representative of our Village, Glenwood. I was hoping to come away with some knowledge about different kinds of energy....and I did!

I thought the day was very well planned and the tour was interesting and informative.

I've shared this information with my council members, and have encouraged them to go visit Jens Steenberg near Beauvais Lake to see his distribution connected solar system and wind turbine. Thank you for the day...the tour was informative, the Piikani Nation PowWow dancing was beautiful to watch, the IndianTaco supper was yummy, and Charlie Russell's awesome presentation about bears didn't change my mind about not wanting to hug one! Thank you."
Barb Michel, Council Member, Village of Glenwood

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